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How it all fits together

With a passion for eternalising precious memories, and living whole heartedly in every moment, I want to help others do the same. While helping people live more bold and fulfilled lives, three businesses were born. These three businesses have a commonality of capturing the world through a lens.

Ginger Imagery, a drone print shop, captures Outback Australia in beautiful photographs that look more like paintings than photos. These drone artworks preserve the natural elements of the Outback, while bringing out incredible colours and textures.

Candid Content Crew captures content from events in an authentic and genuine way. Authenticity is trending, formal and polished videos are not satisfying viewers anymore. I will effortlessly dissolve into your event, and capture the fun, funny and intimate moments from your event.

Ginger Growth is a digital marketing service that create and optimise digital advertisements. Specialising in hotels clients, but experience in a broad range of industries, Ginger Growth can bring you more leads through digital advertising

The world is not what you see, but how you choose to see it.


I aspires to touch lives through untouched landscapes, sharing my contagious positivity, and encouraging people to live boldly.

Brands I've worked with...

My Story

I was born out of a passion for travel and connecting with people, and have been creating content and evolving my style for almost 20 years. Driven by a desire to record every experience, and refined by my creative eye, I now create beautiful content for brands around the world.

While connecting with these brands, I have learnt so much about how to connect with different cultures. This has allowed me to explore not just content creation, but digital marketing services for brands around the world. I believe in an immersive experience so I can fully understand your customer, and have the most effective digital marketing campaigns. 

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